A Student’s Experience

Student Interview Image

Me: Where are you from?

Himani: Forsyth County, Georgia which is about an hour or so outside of Atlanta.

Me: What school do you go to?

Himani: Lambert High School

Me: How did you find out about contest?

Himani: Through the Girls Who Code Club at my school.

Me: Why are you participating in it?

Himani: I would really like to be more involved in events involving CS and this seemed like a great way to start.

Me: How did you get into CS?

Himani: It’s always a field I’ve been interested in. I first started learning over the summer and I’m currently taking AP Computer Science A in school.

Me: How many tasks have you completed so far and what organizations did you complete the tasks for?

Himani: So far, I have only completed two tasks, one for Systers and one for FOSSASIA.

Me: What have you learned over the course of those tasks?

JHimani: The Systers task was for developing an app called PowerUp to help young girls learn important information they would not be taught otherwise. I had to research issues facing young girls to complete it, and also learned of the inspiring goals set by Systers. The FOSSASIA one took me a while because I needed to learn how to navigate and use GitHub, which isn’t very easy.

Me: What’s your motivation to do more tasks?

Himani: The rewards are pretty cool, plus it’s actually fun completing them. You get this certain type of satisfaction.

Me: Which organization put up your favorite task?

Himani: I am currently looking into the organization Terasology which is an open-source game similar in style to Minecraft. I think it looks interesting so it’s my favorite concept so far.

Me: Are the tasks similar in difficulty to what you expected them to be? Why?

Himani: Yes. I was told that there were tasks of all levels, from novice to seasoned programmer, and looking through all the options this was definitely the case.

Me: What type of task is the most time consuming?

Himani: The tasks that require me to utilize skills I’m not too familiar with, for example having to learn GitHub for many of the tasks, would be quite time consuming for me.

Me: Would you participate in the Code-In again?

Himani: I would like to, even though next year I will be ineligible. It has been a fun experience so far.



FOSSASIA Google Code-In Website:


FOSSASIA Blog Website:


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